DIY Chalkboards

Family Poll

Chalkboards are one of the most used the things this days. They are used in parties to make invitations, write party theme related messages, etc. 
In this case, I made them to put some data in my sister in law’s Gender Reveal Party. One of them I used to write the final results of a family poll that we did about who thinks is girl or boy. The other one to write baby’s gender in accordance with some Old Wives Tales. I must say that everything indicates it was a girl, but no, it is a boy! 

Anyway, today I’m going back o tell you how to do this easy chalkboards for your next party or to decorate the house.

You will need:

1. Foam board white or black, I used white one. (you can found it at Dollar Tree, Walmart or any craft store)

2. Chalk paint (At Walmart or any craft store)

3. Sponge roller (at Walmart)

4. Chalk (I used the sidewalk ones found on Dollar Tree)

5. Chalk marker or any other chalk (at Walmart)

6. Ruler

7. Exacto knife

8. Pencil


1. Measure the foam board with a ruler and mark it with a pencil in accordance with the measures you want yours. Mine was 8″ x 10″. Cut it with the exacto knife.

2. Paint the foam board on one side with the chalk paint and the sponge roller. Wait 1 hr and paint again.

3. The worst part is waiting. Because after this last coat of paint, you have to let it cure for 24hrs.

4. After the 24 hrs have passed, the next step is coat the chalkboard with chalk. All of the painted part to conditioning it. Wipe it of with a damp cloth and your chalkboard is ready to use. 

Also you can put it in a frame or make one on it. In this case, I paint the borders with acrylic paint.

Old Wives Tales

Use your chalks or chalk marker to write the message you want!

Isn’t it easy? And the result is cute!

The best part is that they are reusable. I redecorate and reuse them for my daughter’s Frozen birthday party, to write some movie quotes. The only con is that I used chalk markers on it and when I try to erase it, I could still se the marks. So, I put on a fine coat of chalk paint, cure it and conditioner it again for 24 hrs. Then redecorate them. Here’s the final product: 

I put some glitter tape like a border instead of painting it and glued some Frozen characters that I cut from some play cards that I bought on Dollar Tree.

I used the marker again because I like the fine point. But, normal chalk is good too. 

The decoration is on you!

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Gender Reveal Piñata

Today. There are many ways to let your family know the gender of your baby. People are getting very creative with that. Hope I would know some of these idea when I had mine. I may have another opportunity some day lol. For now, is my sister in law’s turn.

She decided that she didn’t want to know the gender of her baby, but she wanted me to know it and prepare a gender reveal party. I was so on it, that I started months before the date of her ultrasound. She decided that she wanted to do it with a piñata. 

All her family and my brother’s are in Puerto Rico. We are the only ones on USA, so I had to prepare everything and record the reveal moment to share it with our families. It was so exciting! 

Anyway, this project is about that piñata! I didn’t take pictures or videos in the process but is easy to do.


Cardboard box

Blue and pink crepe paper rolls

Blue and pink plastic ribbon

Craft paper 

Mod Podge (glue)

Hot glue gun and sticks

2 paper clips

Ruler and white crayon or pencil

Exacto knife 


1. Start drawing your pattern in a piece or cardboard. This time I use the shape of a baby onesie. I draw it by hand measuring with the ruler to make sure every side is the same size and the lines are straight.

2. Cut the pattern with a Exacto knife and then use this patters to make the other side of the piñata. Draw and cut it. You must have 2 pieces in baby onesie shape. 

3. For the sides, cut 5 inches wide cardboard strips. Enough to cover the sides of the piñata. Before start glueing everything, make sure the strip are enough to make the sides all around the onesie shape.

4. Take one of the onesie shaped cardboard and start glueing with hot glue around the edges of the onesie shape. Bending it to make the shape all around. After that make two little holes in the neck part of the onesie and put plastic ribbon though them and tie them together. It will be the ribbon that would be attached to the tree or ceiling to hold the piñata.

5. Take the other onesie shaped card board and glue it with hot glue to the other side of the piñata. It should have this shape by now… 

To make sure everything stays in place, I put some paper tape too.

6. With the exacto knife cut the leg parts so they can open in both sides but still attach in the center. Make 2 holes in every side, insert some plastic ribbon, tie them together in each side and then both sides in the middle. These are going to be the strings you are going to pull to open the piñata.

7. Now is the most difficult and important part… Decorate it. Draw a line dividing the piñata in two parts, one would be blue and the other pink.

8. Start by cutting the crepe paper ribbon and making some strips on them to look like that… 

Start glueing them with the Mod Podge from the middle to the sides, then the back. Do one color first and then the other. Until it ends like this…

9. Make a ? Symbol and two little hearts with the craft paper. I bought mine at Dollar Tree and they are metallic colors. Make the ? Symbols (2) in silver, (2) pink heart and (2) blue heart. Glue the ? In the center, one on each side. Then glue the pink hearts in the blue sides and the blue ones in the pink sides. It should look like this… 

One side…

The other side.

Fill the piñata and close every side with a paper clip to prevent it from open before the right time.

Now you are ready to throw a good and fun Gender Reveal Party!