Photo Christmas Ornaments

Looking for something different to make and give as my daughter’s 2nd birthday party favors, this idea came to my sister in law’s mind, and then in mine. 

I went to the Dollar Tree store and found out that they already have Christmas decorations. The I found some Clear plastic Christmas ornaments that I can open and put anything I want inside and the perfect size for a wallet size picture. 

So, we decided to make it happen. Here the step by step….


  • Clear plastic Christmas ornaments
  • Styrofoam snow
  • Snowflakes conffeti 
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon
  • Acrylic snowflakes
  • Tweezers

Step by step

  1. Trace the circular shape of the ornament in the back of the picture and cut it.
  2. Open the Christmas Ornaments.
  3. Put some styrofoam snow and snowflakes inside.
  4.  Bend the picture to fit throughout the hole. Unband it with tweezers until is fully open and doesn’t move.
  5. Put the cap on.
  6. Make a ribbon bow of the size of your choice and glue it with hot glue to the cap of the onament. 
  7. Now you have your own picture ornaments.

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