Mini Cake Stand

I have an order that includes a mini cake and I was thinking on buying a cake stand. After looking for prices, I decided that I can do it myself for much less money. So, I went to the Dollar Store and found some candle holders that are the perfect size to hold a round cake up to 4″. Then I went to Walmart and bought a strong glue to put it together. Let’s see the step by Step.


  • Glass candlestick holder
  • Glass Pillar Candle Holder (I used round, you can use square too)
  • E-6000 or any other strong glue that dries clear.

Step by Step:

  1. Clean with alcohol de bottom part of the Pillar Candle holder and the top part of the candlestick holder. This will help to clean any oils or dirt that prevent it to glue together.
  2. Meassure to make sure where is the middle and mark it with a washable marker.
  3. Sand the places your are going to glue them together with sand paper. Clean with alcohol again.
  4. Put some glue in the candleStick holder and glue it to the center of the pillar candle holder. Put something a little bit heavy to make pressure and help them stay in place. Let dry for at least 24 hrs.

There you go! You have a cake Stand. 
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