Vinyl Kitchen Aid Cover

Recently, one afternoon, my husband came home from work with a gift for me. My always wanted 1st Kitchen Aid. I love crafts but I also love baking, and that useful tool that is the dream of every bake lover was top #1 in my Wish list. My adorable husband knowing that found a good deal in a new Kitchen Aid and decide to surprise me. 

After I take it out of the box and watch it, and test it; I realized that I needed a cover to protect it from dust and everything else. So I decided to go the other day to a craft store to buy some fabric to make it a cover. I don’t have a sewing Machine so I have to do it all by hand. I went to Joann and bought a yard of  vinyl (just used exactly half yard) and a sheet of felter and started the work at home. I download a pattern for the front and back from internet but needed to add more inches because it was too small. But, i think you don’t even need a pattern, if you do, there are some in the internet. Basically you just need a U shape with the meassures I’m going to give you. Let’s begin…


  • 1/2 yard vinyl 20 gauge clear
  • Felter (color desired)
  • Needle and thread (or sewing machine)
  • Ruler or meassure tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Pins


  1. Downloand and print or make your own pattern for the front and back of your cover. Must be U shaped and meassure 15″ high and 10″ wide. Trace the pattern in the vinyl with the pencil and cut it. You must make two of these.
  2. Cut a large rectangle of vinyl that should meassure 35″ long and 16″ wide. Now, you should have two 16″x 10″ U shaped pieces and one 35″ x 16″ large rectangle. 
  3. Fold the U shapes in half upside down and mark the center of each one (the half should be 5″ in the round side of the U shapes). Do the same with the rectangle in the side that meassure 35″ bend in half and mark it (the half should be 15 1/2″).
  4. Align the middle of one U upside down with the middle of one long side of the rectangle. Put some pins on it and all the way around. Sew it together with needle and thread or your sewing machine.
  5. Cut a 6″x 6″ vinyl square to make a side envelope to put your instructions manual. Secure it with pins in the place you want (I put it in the right side) and sew it together.
  6. Repeat step 4 with the other U shaped side. And you will end with this…
  7. Cut felter strips 1″ wide and glue it to the ends to cover the sewed area.
  8. Optional: cut a vinyl strip 1″ wide x 5″ long and sew it at the top of the cover to make a handle. Decorate as you like. 

Now, you have a cover to protect your Kitchen Aid from dust, water, etc… You can make a cover like this for all your kitchen machines, just meassure the machine you want to cover and make it!

Hope you like this post and don’t forget to comment and share opinions.