Wall Herb Garden

The moment in the year when everybody is preparing their piece of land to plant has come. I have been into holistic remedies ultimately, mostly essential oils; but I also took a course of Natural Holistic Remedies that talks mostly about the different herbs and their uses in health and beauty. 

So, this year I decided I wanted to start my own herb garden. I knew I wanted it portable, something that I can carry inside if the weather is bad or just want it handy in the kitchen. But, also wanted to use things that I already had handy and not having to spend money on stuff. 

I went and bought some plant pots, seeds, soil, labels and gloves to start. But, when I got home I was out of ideas about as the pot holder; until I entered in the laundry room and saw the safety gate I used to maintain my daughter out of the kitchen when she started to walk. It was the perfect fit, so I started it. Let see how….


  • Evenflo Classic Gate
  • Plant pots
  • Soil
  • Seeds (I started with basil, cilantro, dill and pepper)
  • Zip ties
  • Gloves(optional)
  • Labels (optional)

All this materials, except the gate, I found on Dollar Tree. 

Step by step:

  1. First thing I did was put some screws in the gate sides to lock it in place and it doesn’t close.
  2. Plant your seeds as said in the instructions and label them. The labels I used are plastic and where bought at the dollar store. I put the name of the herb in front of the label and the days that was supposed to take to germinate, just to remember.
  3. Stand your gate against the wall and start organizing your pots. Take one and put a zip tie around it and around the plastic part of the gate to hold it in place. 
  4. Repeat until you have all the pots in place. Remember to leave room for the herbs to grow.

Now, you have a wall her garden that you can hang or screw to the wall or just leave it standing against the wall for you to move it inside when necessary.

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