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Inside Marshmallow Roasters

Some time ago, I saw a video about how to roast marshmallows indoors for that cold days or even for a party. So, I started investigating and I found how to make it. The better part is that it cost me only $3 to make one.

I will use them for my sister in law’s baby shower. It is perfect because the theme is the outdoors, camo and things like that. 

Everything was bought at Dollar Tree Store. So, let’s see how to make it.


  • Ceramic bowl (the shallow the better, it cost me only $0.01 on Dollar Tree Sale) You can also use flower pots.
  • 2 bags of Stones 
  • 1 canned gel fuel (the one used to heat up food)


  1. Put a layer of stones in the bowl, enough so when you put the gel fuel can, only the tip is out.
  2. Put the canned gel fuel in the middle of the bowl.
  3. Cover around the can with the stones and voila!

Just take the cap off and light it. You have your own inside marshmallow roaster. Handle with care because it might be hot.

I did another one with a metal bowl, but it was too shallow so I put aluminium foil as a base, then stones, canned fuel, more stones and it’s done. My sister in law Decorated it with some fall leaves to match the decorations.

Good craft for this season, right? Remember to comment and share with your friends!