Christmas Hanging Decoration

Looking for an idea of a hanging Christmas decoration I found a picture of a what we can call a chandelier with a wire wreath, some pine pieces, clear ornaments etc. I looked really beautiful but I didn’t have most of the materials. So, I decided to make something similar but with other materials. 

I gotta say that the Dollar Store has been my favorite  to buy the material needed to make my Christmas crafts this year. The best part is that you can take something cheap and transform it in a really beautiful decoration.

Well, with nothing more to say, let’s start this week’s craft.


  • Christmas wreath (you can use the one that resembles pine or the one that comes covered in Christmas garland)
  • Bells garland or any other accessory you want to add.
  • Battery operated lights
  • 6 clear ornaments
  • 4 color ornaments (of your choice)
  • Clear twine (the one used for jewelry making)
  • Fine wire

Step by step:

  1. Wrap the lights around the wreath and wire the battery box.
  2. Accomodate the bells garland around the wreath and hold with wire leaving the bells hanging.
  3. Cut the clear twine depending on how long you want the decoration. I cut four 11″ long, three 13″ long, two 15″ long, and one 20″ long.
  4. Tie one end of the shorter ones to the wreath and the other end to 4 clear ornaments. Tie the 13″ long to the wreath and to 3 color ornaments. Do the same with the other ones. For the longest one I put wire in the middle of the wreath and tie it there and to a clear ornament.
  5. Put 4 pieces of wire on top at the same distance from each one and tie them together to create a hanger. 

That’s it! A beautiful Christmas hanging decoration.

Hope you liked it! Don’t forget to comment and share.


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